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Taught by Dr. Daniel Roland

Course Topics

Select a topic from the list below, do some research and identify a sub-topic for a research project. Send an email to the professor with your name, the sub-topic title, and a short statement that articulates your interest in the sub-topic. If you are interested in a topic that is not listed below, feel free to contact the professor with a proposal for your topic.

Create a new page(s) within the wiki and add content through out the semester that explains the sub-topic and serves to educate your classmates. Content should include original narrative, links, references, and other materials necessary to adequately communicate and verify the various perspectives on the topic.

The expectation is that you will discover, explore, and write about connections between what is taught in the class and what you learn about your sub-topic. You will be graded on quality of writing, creativity of presentation, use of technology, usability, and so on.

You will be responsible for answering questions and responding to comments posted on your page(s) by your classmates. Create links between your page(s) and other student created pages within the wiki. Add tags to your page(s) for the course folksonomy.
It is likely that students may choose sub-topics that will be very closely related and that an overlap of information is possible. In these situations, students are allowed and encouraged to collaborate, but each student must have a separate and unique wiki page(s) for which to be graded.

This work represents 25% of your grade for the course.


Getting Started

Here is a tutorial on how to create wiki pages within this site: Tutorial

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